Prestige NY is premier source for quality customer acquisitions in the technology sector. We educate consumers on the differences in Internet service technologies by showing them how fiber optics can have a positive impact on their online experiences. As we roll out cutting-edge wireless connectivity options in the New York area, we generate excitement about the changing landscape of the digital world.

How is fiber-optics different than traditional cable or DSL internet connections?

Most internet users are not familiar with the types of internet connections available, such as cable, DSL, or fiber optics. They do, however, notice quickly when things are slow. Through interactive marketing campaigns for which we’ve developed consumer-friendly messaging, Prestige NY’s team is able to educate consumers on the vast differences in these three service options, including the performance they can expect from each and which is best for meeting their internet usage needs.
Traditional cable, for instance, relies on coaxial cables that connect with television sets to provide services. It’s reasonably reliable in terms of speed, offering approximately 3 to 10 Mpbs, which is actually 3 to 4 times faster than DSL. However, cable depends on a shared line so it’s less secure. It’s also the most costly option.

Digital subscriber lines (DSL) utilize the existing copper wires from phone lines to deliver faster connections than dial-up, though the service is not as fast a cable. For the average home user, this speed is generally acceptable and is significantly less expensive than cable, which is why it has gained popularity. However, distance can impede the speed of your connection. The farther your home or office is from the main line in the provider’s central office, the more likely you are to experience a slower connection and an overall weaker signal. DSL is not as widely available as cable, so access is dependent on your location.

Fiber optics is the latest option to hit the market, and offers several advantages over cable and DSL. First, this solution uses cables that are smaller in diameter and lighter than copper cable lines. This allows them to transmit data faster and over a wider area. Their size makes them an ideal solution for many cable-related projects. Since fiber optics have a glass conductor, they do not generate electricity, and so they’re immune to interference from things like lightning storms. In fact, they can come into direct contact with high-voltage electrical equipment and power lines without negatively impacting service. This option is also significantly less expensive than cable and competitively priced with DSL options, since these advanced cables are generally less costly to maintain.

Though fiber optics are currently limited in availability, it is the future of Internet. As such, we promote national service offerings that are taking the industry by storm. They provide the high speed options heavy internet users crave at a reasonable price. With so many choices on the market, it’s important to have a highly knowledgeable specialists who can clearly explain technology differences and help them understand the value of updated options like fiber optics. Our team does just that.

How is Prestige NY involved in growing the market for this new technology?

Prestige NY is a leading distributor of fiber optic services in Deer Park, New York. This commanding technology offers incredible speeds and reliability, making it an easy choice for any Internet user compared to traditional cable solutions. Our team of corporate trainers are experts in communicating the advantages of fiber optics, generating high-value leads for the brands we represent. By bringing wireless solutions to Americans, we’re transforming the region by ensuring consumers have lightning-fast connections and dependable service for all their Internet, television, and digital voice needs.

What are the career opportunities available due to the growth of fiber-optics?

As this exciting technology flourishes, we have multiple opportunities for individuals interested in being out in front of this fast-growing telecommunications sector. In addition to training and coaching, our company offers advancement opportunities to individuals who are motivated to learn, develop, and succeed with us.