Prestige NY on the Future of Internet Traffic

A team of researchers from the U.S. and the Netherlands have broken the world record for the fastest fiber network. We at Prestige NY are astonished by their accomplishment of pushing 255 terabits through a solitary glass fiber – per second!

To put this rate in perspective, the fastest single-fiber transmission at this time is 2,550 times slower! It’s even greater than the capacity of each cable (hundreds of fibers) that span the Atlantic Ocean. At Prestige NY, we’ve learned that this capability may even be faster than the sum of all Internet traffic during peak hours.

The researchers broke this record through the use of multi-core fiber. Currently, the foundation of the Internet is composed of plastic fiber and single-mode glass. This means the fibers only carry one mode of light each. On the other hand, multi-mode, multi-core fiber (a single fiber optic strand) has several cores to allow for the transmission of several modes of light.

This development will eventually transform the state of the Internet as we know it. Our team members at Prestige NY note that a plethora of new hardware will be required to route the multi-mode connections. Of course, millions of miles of multi-core cabling will also be needed.

Although huge investments are necessary, they will be worthwhile. Internet traffic is rising drastically, and technological advancements such as this are vital. We can’t wait to see what comes next.