Prestige NY’s Overview of the Fiber-Optic Beam Expander

There are some changing trends in the world of fiber optics. As we at Prestige NY have learned, the use of beam expanders is among them. A beam expander is an optical tool. It depends on collimated or parallel beams of light to change its size.

Fiber-optic beam expanders are used with several devices. They can be either telescopic or prismatic. The expanders assist in the conversion of beams of radiation or particles into parallel beams. They can also reverse the process, transforming parallel beams of light into divergent rays.

According to our leaders at Prestige NY, fiber-optic beam expanders are applied to a number of optical communication solutions. These include modulators, transmitters, isolators, pump laser modules, switches with certain wavelengths, and more. They’re even used in petroleum and mining exploration.

The driving force behind the growing use of these beam expanders is the rising need for optical systems to aid the functioning of laser processing systems. They’re now commonly used in optical communication systems as well.

The expansion of access networks in the telecom industry, as well as fiber-optic transport, also propel the growth of this market. Greater application of fiber optics to cable TV and private data communication contributes, too.

At Prestige NY, we are excited to see what the future holds for fiber-optic technology. What are your predictions?